What comes to mind when you hear the word “parking”?

For us, it used to bring up only negative connotations: parking tickets, towing, stress and anger.

So, back in 2011 we started to discuss the reasons for all this negativity. This summarises the conclusions of the conversation that led to the founding of ParkMan:

Assumption A

Parking companies and municipalities are run by human beings who want to be friendly and build a smooth, functioning city.

Assumption B

Motorists are also friendly people who just want to mind their own business and park their vehicles with the least possible amount of stress.


If our assumptions are true, the root cause of all the negativity related to parking is not in the people, but rather in the tools they have at their disposal.

ParkMan was created as a tool for parking companies, municipalities and motorists to communicate better and to have a healthier relationship with one another.

By providing real-time parking information to motorists, private parking providers and municipalities can start a small revolution to improve traffic management and make cities more enjoyable.